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The DataUX Toolkit is a suite of JavaScript components
for building visually rich, interactive, data-driven 3D web applications


                                            Single Pane of Glass


Challenges of Visualizing Data

The need to visualize and interact with data is outpacing conventional technologies as IoT, data repos, analytics and industrial controls generate more complex and overwhelming amounts of data.  These technologies are also not intended to give users the ability to take immediate action and control external systems as the data tells its stories.

Real Digital Transformation

It's time for a new UX paradigm, one that immerses users and allows them to work more effectively with their data.  Let's also empower a broader audience, reversing the trend toward a narrowing of the audience to more and more specialized users.

UX or “user experience” refers to the usability, accessibly and pleasure provided in the interaction between the user and a product. - Wikipedia

                          Immersive and Interactive

                                           Real-time Operations


The Power of Immersive Environments

Interactive real-time 3D environments deliver significantly greater insight into the meaning of data than 2D visualizations by displaying many more dimensions, animating in time, playback and providing context from within a single universal environment. These environments also offer the power to control external systems.

advantages of web Applications

Web applications do not require the deployment of software on users' computers.  Users interact with data and services from within any browser running on any operating system, without having to download applications or install browser extensions.  Connections to data sources and external systems are made through scalable cloud services.

                        Collaborative Decision Making

                                       Digital Twins and Simulation

New Opportunities

Datifex' UX paradigm creates opportunities to power new services, monetize data, join together decentralized systems and most importantly, it is the next step in controlling data explosion and the resulting chaos.


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