Simplifying Immersive 3D Web Applications

The DataUX Platform is a suite of JavaScript components
for building visually rich, interactive, data-driven 3D web applications
on any device and any OS with no downloads or extensions


  • DataUX Platform License

  • Windows, Linux, macOS

  • WebGL browser (like Chrome)

  • Framework independent

  • No software to download

Powerful 3D UX

  • Easier development of 3D UX 

  • Uses opensource game engine

  • Uses .obj format objects

  • Data driven & real-time

  • Scalable

Datifex Services

  • 3D UX design

  • 3D web application development

  • Implementation

  • Support


DataUX Toolkit

The DataUX Platform is a suite of Node-based JavaScript components for building visually rich, data-driven, real-time 3D web applications based on open source game engine technology. 

Web applications built with Datifex's DataUX Platform run entirely within the browser with no need to download software, install browser extensions, or connect to a cloud service.

Developing a 3D web apps is easy.  Web apps open a 3D datascape, places .obj objects in the space, connect the objects to data streams and controls, assign behaviors to the objects, and give users the power to interact with the objects.


Visualization challenges

IoT, industrial controls, analytics, simulation, digital twins and other data sources and controls are generating more complex and an overwhelming rise in quantity of data.  It is also becoming more and more difficult to communicate what is going on with current technologies.   

The DataUX Platform enables the next generation of visualization and interaction with data and external systems, extracting more from data. 

It also creates new opportunities to involve non-technical users, power new services, and aggregate more sources of data and control external systems.


DataUX makes it easier to develop and support scalable data-driven 3D web applications.

DataUX abstracts away the complexities of working with a game engine.  Writing a web application based directly on a game engine requires knowledge of game development and results in a “one-off” and hard-coded implementation. 

DataUX uses an open source Apache 2.0 game engine, requiring no third-party licenses.  It provides a concise set of APIs for creating a 3D space (with default lighting and cameras) in an HTML 5 canvas and connecting objects in that space with data streams.

Situational awareness

Interact with data-driven information through visual cues, context and interaction from within 3D geo-spatial environments.  

Datifex E.jpg


Reduce the number of systems required to access information, reducing errors and reducing the time from insight to action.


Internet of things

Interact with data in scalable web apps based on high performance in-browser game engine technology. 


Digital Twins

Data-driven animation and what-if interaction for simulation and digital twins.



Interact with data and services from within any browser and reach a broader audience of users, collaborating through a "single pane of glass".



Datifex' UX paradigm creates opportunities to power new services, monetize data, join together decentralized systems and most importantly, it is the next generation of human UI.




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