A suite of high-performance game engine JavaScript components for visually rich, interactive, data-driven 3D web applications for any device and any OS with no downloads or extensions.

The Engine

Replicate the real world, virtually

Start with a virtual representation (3D or 2D) of any environment, asset, or process

Integrate any model and object file format (AutoCAD, 3ds max, Blender, .obj, etc.),

Use curated JavaScript libraries and pre-configured cameras, lighting, and controls for a consistent UI/UX

Interact and control these virutal environements with custom HTML web interfaces and features

Connect + control data from any source in a "single pane of glass"
Connect + control data from any source in a "single pane of glass"

Show exact work areas by tagging objects and components in 3D

Provide precise instructions, upload documents, and comment in real-time

Search and filter components and systems based on associated metadata

Drag and drop any part of the model to rehearse maintenance operations digitally

Group work into projects and save various layouts for future reference

Collaborate + Integrate workflows
Collaborate + Integrate workflows

Information can also be added directly to specific objects, or to the scene (by creating new objects).

Users can record information, add documents, or comment and tag other users.

Each of these "tags" belongs to "collections" defined by the use case.

These collections are then organized and visualized on the "3D State Board," allowing users to overlay the information they've added within the scene and the various objects.

Add logic to the creation of tags for scheduling and deconfliction.


  • JavaScript libraries , open source game engine, real time animation
  • High-performance rendering with 10,000’s of interactive objects and unlimited simultaneous users
  • REST APIs, Web socket streaming APIs, Custom APIs


  • Internet connected device running any modern browser, no executables, no extensions
  • Any digital model: AutoCAD, 3ds max, Blender, .obj

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